Hempsac HSJMB-RL25 Jumbo Bags, Super Sack Liner Replacement

Hempsac HSJMB-RL25 Jumbo Bags, Super Sack Liner Replacement

$540.98 Roll of 25 bags, includes sales tax

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Super Sack Liner Replacement

Hempsac is great for weed storage, with UV protection, humidity control, anti-static, heat, and puncture resistance, with the ability to be heat sealed and completely containing odors. It works great as long-term storage of weed, hemp, herbs, Cannabis, and marijuana. Hempsac is hands down one of the best weed storage ideas.

Hempsac is for farmers

Everyone with experience in growing and processing hemp knows that once the hemp is harvested and dried, through normal storage, its CBD values may drop. Assume your harvested hemp has a CBD value of the industry-standard 16%. Everyday conditions of ultraviolet light, moisture, and static electricity will drop that value to 12% (on average) by the time it is sold. This 4% drop caused by the factors above would cost a typical 50-acre farm $800,000 per year.

Hempsac Jumbo Bags

Product Number: HSJMB-RL25

Size: 90" width x 110" height

25 bags per roll, 20 rolls per skid

Perfect for inside/outside supersack or gaylord liners.

Holds 200-300 lb. flower,

1-acre averages 7-8 bags

May also be used for other agricultural crops and products.


Please contact us for quantity less than 25.


ModelHSJMB-RL25 Jumbo Bags
Size 90" wide x 110" long
CountRoll of 25
Thickness3 mil
Capacity200 lbs to 300 lbs of Flower