Hempsac HSSM-2G500 Small Bags

Hempsac HSSM-2G500 Small Bags

$162.38 for a Box of 500 includes sales tax

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Hempsac is great for weed storage, with UV protection, humidity control, anti-static, heat, and puncture resistance, with the ability to be heat sealed and completely containing odors. It works great as long-term storage of weed, hemp, herbs, Cannabis, and marijuana. Hempsac is hands down one of the best weed storage ideas.

Hempsac Small Bags for Smokable Flower

Product Number: HSSM-2G500

Hempsac small bag bulk flat pack.

Size:  12.5" width x 20" height.

500 per case of 2 gallon bags.

Perfect for smokables, hemp samples, seeds, isolate, and more.

Holds 1/2 lb. - 1 lb. flower.


Please contact us for quantity less than 500, also come in quantities of 50 and 100.


Why it is better than Turkey Bags



ModelHSSM-2G500 Small Bags
Size 12.5" wide x 20" heught
CountRoll of 500
Thickness1.8 mil
Capacity1/2 lb to 1 lbs of flower