Hempsac that replace Turkey Bags HSMD-2G5

Hempsac that replace Turkey Bags HSMD-2G5

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Hempsac is great for weed storage, with UV protection, humidity control, anti-static, heat, and puncture resistance, with the ability to be heat sealed and completely containing odors. It works great as long-term storage of weed, hemp, herbs, Cannabis, and marijuana. Hempsac is hands down one of the best weed storage ideas.

This is a package of 5 Medium Bags. Bags are 24" x 27" and come with clips. Please look at all the photo to see information on this product.

13 gallon bag, will hold about 5 Lb of smokable flower.

Once you try Hempsac Bags you will not go back to Turkey Bags.

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ManufacturerHempsac that replace Turkey Bags